Ryan Clancy
I am a drummer, a pizza delivery guy, and a hack-writer. I like things like music, and NOVA programs on PBS. I am in a good mood most of the time, but other times I'm in a bad mood. I like it when people call me "Ry" because it feels like I have a nickname. Although...I have heard the name Kyle shortened to "Ky", and I dont think I would be in to that if I were a Kyle. I think it would be fun to call someone Ky... it's just not for me.
I went to College for a little while, but everything I know I have learned from Orson Scott Card, Jerry Seinfeld, Black Thought, Richard Dawkins, Batman, Henry Rollins, Franz Kafka, Allen Moore, the ghost who played drums on "Destruction by Definition",  Tom Hanks, Jesus / Harry Potter / Luke Skywalker, and my brother Clance.  
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