Carey Gustafson
Hi Patch readers!
I'm Carey, and have been living in Ferndale since 1993. It's as home to me as my true hometown, Clawson, ever was. Seeing developments and changes in positive directions has kept me here. It's affordable, and in the center of EVERYTHING metro-Detroit has to offer. Why live anyplace else?! If my name sounds somewhat familar to you, it may be because i've attached myself to quite a few projects, places and things over the years. I've played music in bands such as Outrageous Cherry, Johnny Headband and Serenity Court, I was founding Vice President of the Ferndale-based bicycle "gang" 'Defying The Law Bicycle Club' (you may have seen us roll by in mass groups in 2007/08 summer seasons!). I was also the founding music director for the first three years of D.I.Y. Street Fair, produce a yearly halloween show called "Zombie Dance Party", have tended bar at Smalls, The Garden Bowl (Majestic Complex) and currently at The Loving Touch. But perhaps my proudest businessy endeavors are my home business and studio called "Glass Action", and being one of 5 gals that are the co-founders of Handmade Detroit, an indie craft community, online presence, and producers of Detroit Urban Craft Fair! Then, I had my daughter Lucy, and how things have changed! But I still love big ideas and chiming in on them.
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