Ferndale Residents Encouraged to Sign Up for Energy-Savings Grant

BetterBuildings for Michigan recently announced that its home energy incentive program is nearing completion.

More than 160 Ferndale residents are likely to be seeing lower heating bills this winter because they made their homes more efficient with BetterBuildings for Michigan, a nonprofit program funded by the U.S. Department of Energy.

BetterBuildings for Michigan officially launched on Pearson Street in Ferndale in December 2010 after beginning in November 2010 as a pilot program in Ferndale.

In March 2012, Ferndale was one of the seven cities in Metro Detroit to enter into the second phase of BetterBuildings for Michigan.

BetterBuildings for Michigan announced this week that its home energy incentive program is nearing completion. Residents can sign up until March 31 or until funding runs out. The program aims to serve 4,000 homes across the region and has already reached almost 3,200.

Residents who sign up for BetterBuildings for Michigan will get a comprehensive energy audit at a discounted cost of $100. During the audit, a Certified Building Analyst will use high tech equipment to pinpoint where homes are losing energy and detect structural leaks, air infiltration and inadequate insulation.

Residents will also get CFL lightbulbs, a low-flow showerhead and programmable thermostat installed and will receive a personalized report designed to help them prioritize energy efficiency projects and understand what incentives are available to pay for any recommended improvements.

If residents choose to take on an energy saving project, they are eligible for up to $5,000 in incentives toward the cost of those projects.

“This is a great opportunity for people to reduce their monthly energy bills and help the environment at the same time,” Ferndale City Manager April Lynch said in a press release.

Within the city of Ferndale, 166 households have had an energy audit, and 36 of those have chosen to use the program’s incentives toward home improvements estimated to save them an average of $532 per year on their energy bills.

“We’ve made a significant impact in helping residents reduce energy consumption,” Jacob Corvidae, who directs the program, said in the release. “Now we are focusing on making sure as many as people as possible take advantage of this opportunity before the funding runs out.”

For more information, visit www.MiHomeEnergy.org or call 313.566.4801.

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