UPDATED: Berkley, Huntington Woods Elections 2012: Cogen Lipton, Zack, Woodward Win

Check Berkley Patch for the latest news following the Nov. 6 general election.

Voters in Berkley and Huntington Woods went to the polls Tuesday to choose representatives who will serve them on the Oakland County Board of Commissioners and in the Michigan House.

The races are in addition to the presidential contest and a slew of state ballot proposals and decisions on and county-level offices.

Below are results from the Board of Commissioners and Michigan House races, with all precincts reported.

Oakland County Board of Commissioners

18th District
Results Helaine M. Zack, Democrat
Steven Zimberg, Republican 20.78%
19th District
Results Dave Woodward, Democrat 59.97%
William A. Shaw, Republican 39.44%

State representative

27th District Results Ellen Cogen Lipton, Democrat 75.36%
Ezra Drissman, Republican 20.27%
John Wierzbicki, Libertarian 4.03%

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What happened at the polls

8:01 p.m.: The polls have closed in Oakland County.

7:36 p.m.: Several people reported on the Berkley Patch Facebook page that there was little to no wait at Berkley polling places for voters who waited until after the workday ended to cast their ballots.

  • Kathy Bartley: Walked by Pattengill at 5:30 - NO WAIT
  • Dan Panczyszyn: 6:00 @ angel no wait
  • Kathy Bartley: Pattengill 7pm still no wait.. still plenty of time!

So, those of you headed to the polls at the last minute, take heart!

5:37 p.m.: 1,508 absentee ballots were distributed to Huntington Woods voters this year, City Clerk Joy Solanskey said, a slight dip from 1,552 in 2008.

2:59 p.m.: Republican William Shaw, who is running to represent Berkley on the Oakland County Board of Commissioners, greeted voters this morning outside Addams Elementary in Royal Oak with his wife Dorothy. He said polls were "very active" in Royal Oak and Berkley. His opponent in the 19th District race is Democrat Dave Woodward, a fellow Royal Oak resident.

2:56 p.m.: HuffPost Detroit has a liveblog all day to keep you up to the minute on the latest Election Day news.

12:53 p.m.: "Big shout out to the people who vounteer," voter Kim Valade Tarnopol wrote on the Berkley Patch Facebook page. "They were super nice at my precinct and they are putting in some long hours. Remember to thank the volunteers!" She was voter No. 307 at 12:30 p.m. at Precinct 2 inside Burton Elementary School in Huntington Woods.

12:25 p.m.: "I'm running on adrenaline right now," Berkley City Clerk Cheryl Printz said as she juggled phone calls and in-person requests at City Hall. "After 4 o'clock, I get really tired." She said there had been no new problems since a small glitch Tuesday morning (see related post at 9:35 a.m.). "I'm knocking on wood right now," she said. Printz released the following approximate turnout percentages, which were collected between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. from precincts throughout the city for the day up to that point.

In-person voting Absentee Total Precinct 1 19 22 41 Precicnt 2 19 24 43 Precinct 3 14 21 35 Precinct 4 12 19 31 Precinct 5 20 15 35 Precinct 6 20 14 34 Precinct 7 15 19 34

"I think it's right on target to be a strong turnout," Printz said.

12:10 p.m.: Former Chicago, IL, resident Ryan Kaplan was back in line to cast his first ballot in Michigan at Precinct 1 inside Berkley City Hall. "I came at quarter to 8 this morning and there were hallways upon hallways of the line twisting and turning," he said. "I figured I would come back when I had time and I came back at lunch when everyone else had time, too." At midday, the line to vote stretched from one side of City Hall to the other and out the door. "You know what's weird? People have been pushing me to vote this year," said Kaplan, who added he has voted in every presidential election since he's been eligible. "I don't know if this is newsworthy, but I'm predicting we're going to have a hanging chad situation." Kaplan texted Berkley Patch after casting his ballot to say he ended up waiting 36 minutes to vote.

Noon: Huntington Woods City Clerk Joy Solanskey said turnout in the city has been steady Tuesday. "The first person I saw lined up was at the (Huntington Woods Lutheran) Church at 6 a.m.," she said. "We definitely had lines before the polls opened." She said there have been no problems so far. Two state challengers (see related post at 9:35 a.m.) have visited Huntington Woods, one in Precinct 4 at Burton Elementary School and one in the basement of City Hall, where election workers were counting absentee ballots, Solanskey said.

11:55 a.m.: "I feel like we have the opportunity to vote and if we don't use it, it's a bit of a slap in the face to the people around the world who don't have it," voter Carolyn Chin said as she waited in line at Precinct 3 inside Huntington Woods City Hall. "I should have come out and voted earlier when the line was shorter."

11:09 a.m.: "Happy Election Day!! Just voted. No lines," at Precinct 5 at Pattengill Elementary School in Berkley, reader Alissa Malerman texted. "Walked right up and (Berkely Public Safety Deputy Director Bob North) was leaving. He said, 'You picked a good time!' Also, one woman was sent to (Precinct 1) City Hall because the lines changed to the other side of Gardner." City Clerk Cheryl Printz explained during the August primary that she adjusted the precincts this year so they would be more even based on 2010 census figures. For example, Precinct 3 at Berkley High School previously had almost 3,000 voters while Precinct 2 had approximately 1,400; now each precinct has approximately 1,700 voters, Printz said. (See attached PDF for 2012 precincts.)

11:08 a.m.: Grab a jacket before you head to your polling place! The high Tuesday will be 44 degrees under partly sunny skies, according to the National Weather Service, although it has been a gray day so far.

9:35 a.m.: Berkley City Clerk Cheryl Printz said lines to vote have been steady and turnout so far has been larger than normal. However, there were slightly fewer absentee ballots returned as of Tuesday – 2,366 – than in 2008, she said. Printz noted one problem at Precinct 7 at Berkley High School. "We had a little equipment failure," in which a machine was not feeding correctly, she said. But, the problem was fixed and all of the votes were tabulated, Printz said. At Precinct 2 at Rogers Elementary School, a state challenger is observing the process, Printz said. Challengers, who can be sent by political parties or ballot groups, can challenge voters' eligibility if they believe the person does meet any one of four criteria, Printz said, including: The voter is not a true resident, not age 18 or older, not a United States citizen or was not registered to vote by the deadline.

9:33 a.m.: "Precinct 6 Pattengill in and out – no wait," Berkley voter Kathy Bartley reported on the Berkley Patch Facebook page.

9:20 a.m.: Early reports also suggest big voter turnout in places such as Bloomfield, Clawson and Macomb Township. Voter turnout is expected to be high in 2012. In 2008, 66.2 percent of Michigan's registered voters cast ballots, the highest number since 1968 when voter turnout was 66.8 percent.

9:15 a.m.: Vehicles circled the packed parking lot outside Precinct 5 at the Huntington Woods Recreation Center and voters faced a small wait to cast their ballots. Yours truly was voter 124 out of 1,025 at the location. That means approximately 12 percent of the registered voters at Precinct 5 already had cast ballots Tuesday morning.

7 a.m.: The polls have opened.


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