Man Flees Police with Baby in Arms After Crash, Chase in Stolen Car

Police have arrested a Detroit man after a chase through parts of Ferndale and Detroit. He fled the scene with a tot in his arms. Police said he was driving a stolen car.

have arrested a Detroit man after he allegedly crashed a stolen car and fled police with an infant in his arms.

Ferndale police arrested a Detroit man following a pursuit through parts of Ferndale and Detroit.

The case will be turned over to the prosecutor’s office for a determination of charges, with the man likely being arraigned Wednesday  afternoon, police said.

Just before 6 p.m. on Aug. 21, a Ferndale patrol officer stopped the man, who was driving a stolen Crown Victoria on 8 Mile Road. After bringing the car to a stop at 8 Mile and San Juan Street, the man proceeded to accelerate, speeding though Detroit side streets to escape the officer.

According to Ferndale police, the man ran through stop signs as he sped and eventually lost control and crashed at Pennington and Pembroke roads. When the man emerged from the car, he was carrying a 21-month-old baby boy in his arm who remained with him as he ran from police.

During his attempt to escape, the man handed the boy to a woman standing in a yard, then continued to run. Police caught the man as he ran through residential yards. Officers recovered the boy from the woman and transported him to the police station where the child was examined by the paramedics of the , and later turned over to his mother.

The man is reportedly not the father, but was baby-sitting the child when the incident occurred.


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