Ferndale Library Lists (Weekly Read-n-Watch Recommendations: Kerrie's Picks)

Kerrie doesn't have a theme going on here. Some of us on staff here at the Ferndale Public Library  choose to follow themes or respond to the news or trends -with our weekly lists of recommendations. 

But no matter. Kerrie's got great taste (particularly for beer!). She's also got a great sense of humor (c'mon, ya'll, lighten up!). So I'd highly recommend following her lead... ...even if one entry leads to the end of the world!

Kerrie’s staff picks


1. Jennifer Egan- A Visit From the Good Squad

Fic Egan.

I tend to like novels where the perspective changes with each chapter, and this one did a good job of doing that while tying all of the unique and interesting characters together. The book is also humorous, which is a huge plus, and I could definitely relate to the music industry drama that so many of the characters were involved in. I will admit, though, that some of the characters felt extraneous and the book never really got back to them in the end, but overall, it was well done.


2.  Mark Russell- God Is Disappointed In You

818 R (Currently new)

The title jumped out at me right away, and after flipping through the book to see some humorous comics and quotes, I had to pick it up. Basically, it sums up each book of the Bible into a few pages and points out the absurdities in a very humorous manner. My favorite was Psalms, which was written like one of those Time-Life CD infomercials. Atheists and theists with a good sense of humor will both appreciate this book. 


3. John Palmer- How to Brew

641.873 P

My boyfriend and I recently got into homebrewing and this book is a huge help. It gives a basic rundown of every aspect of the process in an easy-to-follow manner, and then elaborates on the science behind the processes later. If you like beer and you’re looking for a new hobby, this is a relatively inexpensive one after the start-up costs once you consider the amount of beer you’ll be getting out of it. This book is a great place to start if you simply want to read about the process before diving in, too.


4. The World's End

DVD Comedy W (Currently new)

I don’t watch movies very often, but this one was recommended to me due to my love of beer, comedy, and the Sisters of Mercy. The main character, Gary, is a middle-aged man that never grew up, and wishes to relive his high school drinking days with his old friends, who, unfortunately for him, did grow up. It's made by the same people who made Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, so expect the same amount of British humor and cheese, as well as some sci-fi elements. 


5. Doctor Who: The Complete First Series

Available through interlibrary loan

Speaking of British humor and cheese with sci-fi elements, I recently started watching Doctor Who (the new stuff). I was always interested in it but I avoided it for a long time due to its intimidating scope, as well as the fact that I had no idea where to start. Well, I started with "The Complete First Series," which is the first season since the show was rebooted in the 2000s, featuring the 9th Doctor. I found it very accessible despite not knowing much about the previous 8 Doctors or the history of the show. I'm on to Series 7 now and plan to watch the older stuff when I'm done. 


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