Ferndale Patch Readers Offer Home Security Recommendations

A reader recently asked for security system recommendations in the Ferndale area.

A reader recently contacted Patch after seeing a list of plumber recommendations on our Facebook page [we compiled those recommendations here].

The resident wrote, "I am a new Ferndale homeowner, about a year, and I want to put in a security system. Any recommendations? There are just too many companies and it's confusing."

We posted the question on Facebook and here are the recommendations/suggestions that followed:

Ken: I live in Ferndale, work for AAA Alarm co. in Dearborn, Home alarm monitoring charges are $25 a month

Ginette: I use competitive Security - Tom... he's wonderful!

Sandison Phc: There is a good company still family owned In oak park called: Security Central protection they are one of the few Co. That have their own FCC signal. Translates to quicker response time. 248-543-0000

Erin: I use ADT, mostly since I think their yard signs seem the most legitimate.

Eryn: We have guardian and love it.

Molly: Detroit Dog Rescue can provide the best kind of security system. Save a life and you may save your own-- win/win!

Rob: Buy a dog, best burglar alarm around.

Molly: What Rob said.. but sub "buy" for "rescue"

Lisa: Call josh Josh Cohen at ADT he will take great care of you.

Josh: Check out our Pulse home automation! Free demonstration.... and I too am local 248-894-4949.

Josh: btw... if you like a dog for your alarm, then also consider a monitored smoke communicator to keep your canine "alarm" safe from catastrophic home fires

Meghan: The best security system is often a dog.

Ruth: Detroit Dog Rescue has awesome dogs. But what's even better --- the stories behind the dogs!

Jason: The real test is in talking to the professionals at each company.
If they tell you that the new "wireless" or "cellular" alarm systems can't be beat because there's no phone line to cut, then they are either ignorant or lying to you.

Jeff: Plenty of dogs around!

Bea: A good dog and get to know your neighbors. Ferndale has always been a close community.

Valerie: Whatever company you choose, first check with the Ferndale PD to find out what criteria they use to verify an alarm before they will dispactch an officer. Then make sure your alarm company installs the proper detectors so that criteria can be met. ie if Ferndale requires n interior and an exterior trip, make sure they don't just install exerior sensors or a general alarm or don't name the zones

Richard: No burglar is going to choose a target with a big dog barking at him from inside. Besides, they're a lot cuddlier than a keypad.

Richard: That said, they require commitment, time, effort and love. If you cannot/will not provide these things, you're better off with a keypad.

Vic: Get a dog much cheaper

Vic: Ill sit on your porch with a sword for the right price.

Sara: We have ADT and pay about $32 a month. Also consdier this...

Alanna: My sister Dana Atnip and I just bought a home in Ferndale and she got Guardian Alarm, been happy with it so far.

Ben: Large dog.

Ruth: Spy shop to have video feed to your phone app.

Ruth: Dog is best for both parties.

What do you recommend? Tell us in the comments section below!

NathanFrenchAttorney January 14, 2013 at 06:05 PM
Large Dog is Good
Kevin Raposo January 15, 2013 at 02:49 PM
Beware of going with ADT! They will tie you into a 36 month contract which is nearly impossible to break. I would suggest something wireless, DIY, and something with a cellular hook up. Check out <a href="http://www.simplisafe.com">SimplISafe</a><a href="http://www.simplisafe.com">home security</a>. It's contract free and only $14.99 a month! It's worth checking out.


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