Ferndale Patch Readers React to New Parking System

Have you used the new pay stations yet?

The city of Ferndale has been implementing a variety of parking changes in the downtown area, including revised rates, enforcement times and a new multi-space metering system.

Chris Hughes with the Ferndale Downtown Development Authority said last week that installation of the new pay stations should be complete by the end of this week. That includes getting ParkMobile up and running with the new system.

ParkMobile will be fully functional with the pay stations in all lots as soon as all of the parking spaces have been stickered, she said. Hughes said components are being brought up to speed on an "hour by hour basis, literally" and the DDA appreciates everyone's patience as they work out the kinks.

You can find more information on the parking changes here:

  • Ferndale's New Parking Pay Stations Almost Fully Installed
  • Ferndale City Council OKs Multi-Space Metering Proposal

On Monday, readers commented on Ferndale Patch's Facebook page and in response to this story about the new system. Here's some of what our readers had to say:

Rudy: So far my experience was the worst. Long lines to pay for parking in 15 degree weather. And once I got to the station 10 minutes later because noone could see the keypad, the bill acceptor was frozen and out of order. They need better lighting and multiple stations in the lots.

Frank: When I needed to use one, a police officer was there to assist those who needed it. I already used them in other cities, so I had no problems. I agree with Rudy's suggestion of better lighting and multiple stations. My one question is: how easily can parking enforcement determine who's expired?

Nathan: The machines are really slow. Also, it said I could extend my time if I gave it my phone number then texted me saying no extensions allowed. Kinda lame. Still beats the mostly broken meters around One Eyed Betty's.

Paul: simular ones have been downtown detroit for a while but dont have so many spots tied to them,i like them,,,,the placement of machines are a little off though,the big lot behind buffalo wildwings should have 6, 3 in each row handleing only a hand full of spots

Megan: I was at the one behind Como's. It's pretty self explanatory. Biggest over all issue I would say is make SURE you complete the entire process!! It is a longer process than it seems it needs to be... But, it wouldn't take my dollar bills!! I tried FOUR different one dollar bills. One of them was brand new. Would NOT WORK!! Luckily I was able to scrounge up enough change to get me started. But, that was obnoxious... There were people waiting. It was freezing cold out. I almost left because I was so frustrated which would've meant a local Ferndale restaurant would've lost business...

Sarah: I have been using parkmobile for a while so I am glad it will be available still. As for the pay stations, I've used them before elsewhere but usually there is one for like each 5 -10 spots. I or 2 per entire lot seems like there will be a lot of lines walking back and forth across the parking lot to pay.

João: the fact that you can't pass on leftover time to the next person is insulting. If I could pay for the time I use with some kind of check-in/check-out system I'd be down, but as it is it just feels like ferndale is doing its best to be more like royal oak. And by that I mean trying to gouge visitors to downtown in as many ways as possible.
PS - extending the hours to 11p? Thanks a lot. I guess I'll spend more time down in the city.

Kathleen: Ditto what everyone else said. Love Park Mobile, hate standing out in the cold, sometimes in a line to punch numbers on a keypad. I will use Park Mobile whenever possible.

Jason: Worked fine for me.

Brian: Maybe it would have been better to roll this out this spring.

Mr. Michael February 06, 2013 at 06:26 AM
I told you this would happen. How is this faster than dropping one or two quarters? Should've left well enough alone. If it ain't broke....don't break it!
Ferndale_1986 February 06, 2013 at 02:50 PM
Government can't do anything right. So, what else is new?
Cindy February 06, 2013 at 08:27 PM
One of the problems with the one behind Como's over the weekend was that someone put a credit card in the slot for bills, jamming the machine and making it unable to accept bills.
Allison Alexander February 12, 2013 at 12:45 AM
My husband and I were walking by a paystation and were appalled to see the snowy ground littered with tons of parking receipts. So we have implemented a costly, confusing new system in the middle of winter when new users are standing in freezing, long lines trying to figure it all out, and it creates this much waste? Fail, Ferndale. Maybe they could take some of that money they saved by not putting in enough paystationsand jacking up prices to park and, oh, I don't know. Installed a recycle bin for used tickets?
Irene Petts February 14, 2013 at 02:45 PM
Fully agree with Allison.


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