Less Snow Than Expected, but Winter Storm Warning Continues

Two to five inches of snow is still possible for southeast Michigan today, forecast says.

Update 8 a.m.: Up to six inches of snow was , but a report from the National Weather Service says two to five inches is now more realistic for southeast Michigan.

The storm system tracked slightly farther to the north than previously forecasted, the NWS reports. The result is heavier snow now expected north of M-59 and about two to five inches of snow possible for Ferndale and the rest of Metro Detroit.

Warmer air surging into the area may also cause rain and sleet to mix in some areas, which we saw this morning. Snow may be heavy at times, esspecially through 1 p.m., and a winter storm warning will remain in effect until 7 p.m. today.

The weather service warns that roads may become hazardous.

Most residents seem to understand they should only travel if necessary during a winter storm, Ferndale Police Chief Tim Collins said Thursday.

"Folks know when it's really bad out that if they don't have to go someplace, not to go. We would support that decision," Collins said.

He said the city does a great job plowing and salting roads. "Fendale does an outstanding job of getting the roads clear as soon as possible," Collins said.

Snow emergency requirements

If a snow emergency is declared – which happens when there are four or more inches of snow – residents must move their cars into their driveways.

Some residents with no driveway have a sticker allowing them to continue to park on the street – that sticker must be visible to police, Collins said.

"Getting your cars off the secondary streets is very helpful for the DPW and it also saves you a $150 ticket," he said, adding that writing tickets during a snow emergency is counterproductive for police. "It's not because we want to write you a ticket, it's because we want to get the roads clear."

Collins said residents should also clear their sidewalks as soon as possible for safety.

"Our biggest concern is to get your driveways clear and get your cars into the driveway," he said.

Salt trucks, snow plows 'ready to go' if needed

DPW is ready for a big snowfall, said Terry Murphy, Ferndale DPW crew leader.

"We're ready to go," Murphy said Thursday. "We have all our vehicles that we use for snow, salting and plowing ready to go."

Stay tuned to Ferndale Patch for updates, and learn how the weather affects your travel by clicking the Traffic & Gas tab in the blue menu bar at the top of this page.


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