Free Parking in Ferndale Continues All Weekend

Cty staff will use the weekend as an opportunity to review the data generated by the new pay stations.

The city of Ferndale announced Friday that free parking will be available in all parking lots and on-street spaces through Monday, Feb. 25.

"The bottom line is that we need to provide the best product to our customers," Ferndale City Manager April Lynch said in a press release. "We have heard their concerns and our committed to making sure these machines meet their needs."

Cty staff will use the weekend as an opportunity to review the data that has been generated by the new pay stations.

“These machines are able to provide us with a lot of information that was not previously available from the old mechanical meters," Loyd Cureton, director of the Ferndale Department of Public Works said in the release. "We can now have a better understanding of exactly when and where our peak hours begin, and
where our highest traffic counts are."

This data will be used to assess what precise systemic improvements need to be made to reduce the long lines in inclement weather like today, to address the need for more lighting at the pay stations, and to meet the service expectations of residents, businesses and visitors.

Parking was also free on Thursday as part of the DDA's Third Thursday initiative.

See here for more information on the city's new parking system.


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