Tell the Girlfriends: Another Boutique Open at The Village of Rochester Hills

Everything at Apricot Lane is 20 percent off to celebrate the grand opening.

Apricot Lane, a boutique described as a "mom and daughter" destination, opened its first Michigan store on Thursday morning at

The shop carries fashion and accessories you won't see anywhere else, said owner Jennifer Braner of Fort Wayne, who grew up in Ortonville and picked Rochester Hills for its first Michigan destination because of the trend factor. 

"We try to be fashion-forward and trendy, and when we were looking around at where to open in Michigan, we knew this was the place," Braner said. "We only carry five or six of any particular piece, so when it's gone, it's gone. This is a great place for moms and daughters to shop together, because we have things for 16-year-olds up to 65-year-olds."

Everything in the store is 20 percent off for 10 days to celebrate the grand opening. 

Apricot Lane, which opened in the spot is the , where managers have been focused on catering to moms.

"This store has a very boutique-y feel, but it's also very easy on the checkbook," said Shelleen McHale, marketing director for the Village. Knit dresses, for example, start at $29.

"Our Rochester moms want things that are different. They don't want to be seen at the PTA meeting wearing the same clothes as the other moms. 

"The store looks amazing and I am excited for our Village fashionistas to see the boutique and all it has to offer."

Village hours are 10 a.m. - 9 p.m. Monday-Saturday and noon to 6 p.m. Sunday.

Christine Laikind August 18, 2012 at 06:16 PM
Barbara - the temporary art store will be back this year - look for it mid- october!
Karen Lorenz August 18, 2012 at 07:05 PM
I just got back from a shopping trip to The Village and this store as well as Hot Mama. I had never been to either store. While I was in Apricot Lane, there was a group of teens shopping as well. It seemed a little odd to me that they were looking at the same dresses I was ( I am over age 40). So I assumed this wasn't the place for me, so I went to Hot Mama. I was the only one shopping in that store, and although they had a ton of merchandise, I didn't feel comfortable shopping there either. The sales person sort of followed me around and refolded everything that I had picked up. I left and went over to Banana Republic, which had a ton of customers, good sales and appropriate clothing for me.
Patricia August 18, 2012 at 10:10 PM
Parisian changed so much-they aren't distinct anymore in the market place which is a shame. They have gotten almost to the point of looking like another out let or overstock clothing/shoe store like in other areas. I was sorry to see the departments they advertise to us in the local paper not be available locally-doesn't make sense.
Barbara Krueger August 19, 2012 at 12:46 AM
So glad to hear that Christine. Great for Christmas shopping. Looking forward to it.
Lauren August 22, 2012 at 05:38 AM
I've pondered this question for as long as I've lived in Rochester... I've seen many stores (especially in The Village) come in and go out of business before I even had the chance to go inside! Parisian needs a definite facelift! Every time I enter, I feel like I'm walking into TJ Max! I spend a lot of time in the Chicago area where Carson Prairie Scotts are prevalent (a sister store to Parisian, owned also by Bonton). They carry many more brands (especially for Juniors/Young Adults) and have a much more pleasant and organized environment! Parisian's 2nd floor resembles a maze! Starbucks needs to move to a larger store and offer more seating. I love Starbucks coffee so much that I'm a gold card member! But whenever I'm meeting a friend for coffee or have work to do, Starbucks always loses my business to Caribou (right across the street) or Bean & Leaf (downtown Rochester) because the environments are so much better! I think a clothing store like Club Monaco or Zara would do really well in the village, too! Their clothes are more on the fashionably sophisticated side, but they still market to all ages (teens through adulthood!) It's a shame to say that I usually bypass The Village (even though it's 3 miles away) for Somerset or Great Lakes Crossing because I know I won't be able to find everything I need due to The Village's limited selection...


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