Patch Picks: Boutiques in the Community

Every week we'll look to our readers to help us compile a list of things to do, places to go, restaurants to eat at and whatever else we come up with.

A boutique is what you make it. It can be anything, really. Bakery boutique (Pinwheel Bakery), ice cream boutique (Treat Dreams) or a chicken wing boutique (Buffalo Wild Wings). Well, maybe not that last one. Anyway, for Patch Picks last week, we asked about boutiques. And, here are a few picks from Ferndale, Berkley, Royal Oak and Clawson.

Feel free to add to this list in the comments section below.

Patch Picks this week: Boutique. Tell us about them.

  • From Clawson: is a homestyle retail store that sells unique gifts, knick-knacks, home décor items and hosts events and fundraisers for the community. The store, a former roller rink, opened its doors in April 2006.
  • From Ferndale: means "beautiful" in Shona, a language spoken in Zimbabwe. Owner Kelly Pettibone opened her shop in September 2005 and has since refined her boutique to attract anyone with even the slightest penchant for soft and subtle artistic beauty. Inside, you can find stationery, candles, jewelry, Ferndale and Detroit-centric gifts, winter accessories, original art and baby gear from local indie artists like Ferndale's Glass Action as well as national and D.I.Y. artists.
  • From Berkley: Independently owned in Berkley is a pleasant surprise for downtown shoppers. The boutique sells funky clothes, purses, shoes, jewelry and accessories, including the Made in Detroit line and Harveys bags. But, let's be honest, the shoes and boots are the main feature – customers can even rent out the store for a shoe party with friends. Coupons are available online and discounts are given for birthdays.
  • From Royal Oak: Paris is the perfect boutique in Royal Oak if you are looking for unique fashion, jewelry, accessories or home decor. The shop originally opened in 1999 as an antique store and evolved into offering both new and vintage items with new merchandise coming in daily. Merchandise may also be previewed online by visiting www.parisofroyaloak.com.
  • For good measure: A baking boutique! At , they create all of their cookies, cakes, bars, and treats with one goal in mind: that they taste as good or better than they look. And you won't have to look long for something to catch your eye, from the just-made favorites you grew up with to exotic new flavors that will bring out your sweet tooth.

Ferndale Patch reader suggestions:

  • (Irish/celtic fare)
  • (coffee boutique)
  • (suggest as their "booze boutique")
  • (framing)
  • (suggested as a "breakfast boutique")
  • (another "booze boutique")
  • (florist... and other things)
  • (a Ferndale "bagel boutique")
  • (it has boutique in the name!)
  • (Ferndale's own ice cream boutique)
  • (organic foot boutique)

Doing something else? Tell us about it in the comments.

Next week's list: We'll hit the library and ask the librarians' for books choices for kids and adults.

Patch Picks will be a weekly feature on Patch highlighting our picks and, more importantly, your picks for a number of things. We'll look and ask about great local businesses, local or near-local destination spots, local services, local organizations, ways to spend a day off, and whatever else we can think of.

We hope you'll find this list useful for you, your family, friends, and significant others. We'll look to compile the best of everything from Sunday brunch spots to summer camps to date night destinations to florists to parks and more. So, stay tuned and contribute to our lists!

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