Frugal Family: Tips for Saving on Your Grocery Bill

Check out these tips from Ferndale grocers about how to stretch your food budget. Share your money-saving ideas here!

There are plenty of ways to help stretch your family's grocery budget, even without cutting coupons. Check out these tips from two Ferndale grocery stores, and share your money-saving tips in the comments section below!

Shop daily deals

If you have time to shop frequently throughout the week, you'll have a better chance at catching the best sales, said cashier manager Ivan Slaughter. "Things go on a sale on a daily basis," he said. "A lot of people will cater their meals around the sales."

Plan meals and buy only what you need

In addition to catching sales, shopping more frequently could prevent overbuying, Slaughter added. Even if you shop only once a week, have a meal plan ready and stick to your shopping list. "They aren't wasting as much," he said of shoppers who buy only what they need for specific meals.

Buy in bulk when it makes sense

Buying in bulk can be a good idea when it makes sense for your family, Slaughter said. Shoppers can save money buying bulk, but make sure the product can be consumed before it spoils or expires. Watch out for items with a short shelf life, and don't forget to compare prices - some items may cost less to buy individually.

Buy in season, consider canning

Produce can get expensive during the winter, especially if you're buying organic, so it helps to shop the deals this time of year. "Instead of getting grapes from a local source, we have to go all the way to Brazil, which is very expensive," Hoag said.

One way to combat the higher cost of produce during the winter would be to start canning, he advised. "Buy it during the summer and can it," he said. For more information on canning, visit the National Center for Home Food Preservation website.


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