Ferndale DIY Profile: Carey Gustafson, Glassmith, Co-Founder of Handmade Detroit

As part of our DIY series, we asked Ferndale residents five questions about what DIY means and how they put the philosophy to use.

Carey Gustafson makes stained designs stained glass creations, including sweet rock 'n' roll nightlights under the name Glass Action. She can also be found at Tuesday nights during "Tuesdays in the Forest" a DJ event she helped create.

1. Tell us a little about yourself.

I moved to Ferndale in 1994 and bought a small house in 2003. My trade is Stained Glass, something I've been doing for (gulp) more than 20 years! I'd like to think I hit a creative stride about 10 years ago, busying myself with different bands, trying to learn new things - soaking up our music community. In 2005 I met four incredible ladies turned crafty business partners, together founding Handmade Detroit. I've produced Zombie Dance Parties, curated art shows at The Majestic Cafe, I tend bar at __, and still have the stitched patch to prove I was once the Vice President of Defying The Law Bicycle Club!

2. What does DIY mean to you?

When I was little I didn't even consider asking for stuff, I would gather things I already had around me to make a project, music or fort. Little money and lots of imagination can really take you places in fourth grade and in your adult life.

3. Tell us about a DIY project (or projects) you have worked on and why it was DIY.

I actually have worked on the mother of D.I.Y. projects - our little street party that's coming up! This is the first year I haven't been the music director, booking the bands for D.I.Y. Street Fair. It was so fun - I had the freedom to create the best line up I could. What an honor!
I'm a mommy now and not out seeing new local music. I felt that stepping out would be the right thing to do.

4. Why does the DIY attitude fit Ferndale?

Lots of creative types call this home because Ferndale is in the middle; it's affordable and has that suburban safety element, too. That means a lot to me.

5. Who is your favorite DIY artist/musician/human?

Are those three separate people or one? If it's three, I would say my sister Emily Gustafson, The Volebeats, my daughter Lucy Pierce.
If it's one, Adam Pierce.

This profile is part of Ferndale Patch's month-long  where we talk with residents, artists, musicians, crafters, anyone with an opinion about DIY. The project will lead up to the DIY Street Fair Sept. 16-18. If you'd like to participate, email Ferndale Patch editor Terry Parris Jr. at terry.parris@patch.com.


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