Club Bart Made an Impact: Community's Comments Prove It

Ferndale Patch is pulling together all of your thoughts, memories and comments you have sent us or posted into one spot.

After nearly 15 years of music, comedy, friends and food, at the end of business on Sunday. A "Sunday bash" was announced Wednesday night at Club Bart at midnight by longtime bartender Melissa Smith to celebrate all that Bart's was to Ferndale.

Since Wednesday when we broke the news of Bart's closure, we've received several comments via social media, the website and through email. We'll gather them into one place here and continue to update as more come in. Feel free to leave your own memory, comment or thought about Club Bart's time in Ferndale.

Here's what people have been saying on Ferndale Patch's website:

  • : I remember my first time at Club Bart. I had just signed my least to my new place on Ardmore and Woodward. I had never been out in Ferndale so I decided to celebrate by heading to the Bar. I walked a couple blocks down the street and came upon Club Bart. The place looked like it had character, and didn't disappoint once inside. The wait staff greeted me with a smile and delicious Arcadia Beer. Even more surprising they had excellent ribs, and Jazz night on the weekends was the best entertainment in all of Ferndale. It will be missed, and I will for sure be at Jazz night on Friday and Saturday.
  • : All of the shows I've played there have been memorable. The John Lennon tribute was especially amazing. The whole place was packed and all of the bands (there were many) did John proud that night. Much obliged to Jennifer David for putting that one together. Much obliged to the staff as well. Always friendly, professional and swift!
  • : Club Bart was the venue where I had my first professional gig in May of '04. My old band, The Nerve, continuously had the support of Bart and staff. I continued to perform there with this band and a few others up until a month ago. The Nerve played a final show at Bart's in Nov '08. This is where a lot of magic happened: Made great friends, and played some of the best shows of my life. I am not one to be possessive or materialistic, but I feel like a part of me is about to die, and I can't do a thing about it. What a pleasure it has been all these years to go to a local show any night of the week and feel at home. Thank you Bart, Melissa, Kelly, and everyone else. Club Bart Forever!
  • : Club Bart closing is just wrong! So many great memories including Prince on the jukebox, Schlitz for my husband and cinnamon roll French toast for me- the best! Tonight we just keep looking at each other and saying, "It can't be so!" Please, say it ain't so!!
  • : I'm going to miss their support for local non-profits like Citizens For A Fair Ferndale and the Ferndale Community Foundation, and their participation in the Taste of Ferndale. They are a very giving business to our community and I know many non-profits are going to miss their support. Thank you Bart's for all that you have done to make Ferndale a welcoming community.
  • : I really can't believe this is happening?! The chandelier, the boxer the Frank Sinatra painting... I could cry. There's some touch screen junkies that are in a world of shock tonight, I can tell you.
  • : As I have said 50 times in the last hour, OMG! This isn't happening.
  • : Where will we go for Sunday brunch? Loved it.
  • : Really great place to go, will be missed sorely.
  • : Well. Back to the Sunday Breakfast drawing board.
  • : They had the best Maurice salad!
  • Jen David: Bart's was an awesome spot with a lot of variety. Mr. Bart booked my dad's band (world jazz) and booked my band (rockpop) so there was a real cross generational family vibe goin' on. Jazz, rock, blues, funk, everything. He supported all types of music and endeavors. I hosted my first show ever there, John Lennon night, and had one of the best nights of my short life. So I really thank Bart and Co. for that opportunity. Speaking of family, his son who serves brunch reminds me of Crispin Glover and is a remarkably unintrusive and relaxing server. TOTAL BUMMER. Melissa was always a babe and helpful, taking care of sound and slangin' them drinks. I will miss it. What is going on here! The two most comfortable bars are done now. I hope this isn't the beginning of some kinda sick game of dominos.

Comments from the Ferndale Patch Facebook page:

(The following comments were solicited from the question: What are your memories of Club Bart?)

(Comments pulled from the news of Club Bart closing.)

  • Megan Frye: The end of an era.
  • Ken Arnold: So sad.
  • Adam Knox: Wow. Shocked.
  • Ryan McDevitt: Sad to see you go Club Bart!
  • Jean Mason: Melissa Smith, the Maurice salad and Honky Tonk Tuesdays! Specifically John Holk & the Sequins and Whitey Morgan and the 78's
  • Adam Knox: Awesome breakfasts. The oatmeal pancakes were amazing!! And of course catching up with our favorite waitress Laura, while enjoying ribs, salmon, or prime rib.
  • Carrie Kellogg: For me, there are so many (memories) half of which nobody would get like Clark family, the powered sugar incident, chocolate boyfriends, porch parties, "I thought you were Kevin," "diapers," hurry, hurry there's a fire, I'll cut your arms off and beat you with them, our many kids who we watched grow from the womb, Christmas parties, Thanksgiving, Mr. Famous, the smileys, car guy shirt, Nik falling off stage, Ollie, slurpee Sunday with Huey and Andy, eating off of customers plates, meetings in the parking lot, Nik in the dumpster, Bobby David, blue flame hat, BART. I could go on and on. For me, it was a life changing experience. Although I left a few years back, it still means so much to me. The women I worked with were super fantastic. We were a family. Still are. BQA's forever ♥
  • Stephanie Puertas: Wow. Will really miss their breakfasts!
  • Carrie Kellogg: The end of an era :(. Me and two of my friends started the breakfast there. Lots of great memories.
  • Stephanie Puertas: So sad.
  • Colette Nutton: NNNOOOOOOOOO. Best breakfast EVA.
  • Jean Peplinski: Oh no!!! I love Club Bart!
  • Claire Moore: NOOOO!
  • David Lewinski: THAT SUCKS! They had the BEST salads too. And that stage was awesome.
  • Paul Levendoski: Man I love the burgers.
  • Julia Stephenson: I got to play that stage about five or sixe times, and I'm really bummed about this. I've made some great memories there, in the early morning and late at night. At least I'll have those.
  • Kathi Manteuffel Seidl: @Carrie- I know! Right after Delia's closed. You guys had the BEST omelets (I always ordered the "Carrie's Loaded"). Taking the kids (now 26 and 23, lol) for first-day-of-school breakfast - first at Delia's, then following at Club Bart's - was a nice tradition, and the "kids" were sorry to hear this news.
  • Cecilia Belemonti: Club Bart's food, drinks, comedy, and music will be missed.
  • Mark Daniel Sad, sad news. We found our wedding band there. I'm going to miss that breakfast, too. It was one worth bragging about.
  • detroitGT: A punch in the gut.
  • Janet Lawless Disappointed and surprised!
Dennis N. Augustson June 24, 2011 at 12:15 PM
My wife and I are disappointed to see Club Bart go. It was a great place to go for food and drink and the staff was always warm and friendly. Dennis & Debbie Augustson
Hoppycosh June 24, 2011 at 02:54 PM
I was seeing a guy for a few months and things didn't seem to be headed in the right direction. He had commitment issues. We decided to just be friends. After a month of cutting things off, we decided to meet for dinner to talk. We stumbled upon Club Bart, enjoyed the jazz music,and talked about our pasts. It was at Club Bart that I fell in love with him again, and he with me, just for the night. With the music, soul, and feel...it was the perfect setting for magic. I will always have that night. I won't ever forget the magic of Club Bart.
Ardy June 24, 2011 at 03:06 PM
We used to go there all of the time until it got so popular and busy -- and WAB opened up. Great place; we were just there about a month or so ago. Food wasn't up to par like in the past but the beers were priced right.
Ex-Ferndalien June 24, 2011 at 05:14 PM
Any word on the new owner? I heard he was going to open a 'Euro-American bistro,' whatever that means. It's a small space, so I'm curious what he'll do with it.
Terry Parris Jr. June 24, 2011 at 06:43 PM
Bart's Bartender Melissa Smith told me that the new owners are going to cut then entire space.


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