Beaumont Hosting Community BRCA Cancer Conference

Nov. 30 symposium is for women and men at risk for cancer from BRCA 1 or 2 genetic mutations

Genetic testing can help determine a person’s risk for developing certain cancers. Identifying cancer genes, the presence of BRCA 1and 2 mutations, is the first step. This testing allows the implementation of risk-reducing interventions: more frequent screening, surgical prevention and chemoprevention.

For patients and families at risk for hereditary breast and ovarian cancer due to BRCA mutations, the information gained from genetic testing not only provides answers, but raises questions, too. On Nov. 30, Beaumont Health System is hosting Michigan’s first day-long conference for these area residents seeking information and support.

While there are no fees to attend the symposium, registration is required. To register, call 800-633-7377 or go online at classes.beaumont.edu and search for BRCA. Lunch will be provided.

Explains Dana Zakalik, M.D., director, Cancer Genetics Program, Beaumont Health System, “This marks the first time there has been such a program combining education and support for those with BRCA genetic mutations in Michigan. We’re connecting, reaching out, to the BRCA community statewide.”

The program will take place from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. in classrooms 1 and 2 in the lower level of the Administration Building, Beaumont Hospital, 3711 W. 13 Mile Road in Royal Oak.

The conference will address many topics, including:
–Cancer genetics overview.
–Ovarian cancer screening and preventive surgery.
–Managing other cancers associated with BRCA.
–Psychological and psychosocial aspects.
–Breast cancer risk management, screening and surgery.
–Breast self-exams, mindfulness and healthy lifestyles.

Beaumont Health System's Cancer Genetics Program provides patients with the most up-to-date information about hereditary cancer risks and guidelines for cancer screenings and treatments. The multidisciplinary team includes an oncologist with expertise in cancer genetics, genetic counselors and support staff.

Source: Beaumont Health System


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