Milo's Trip: Hi-Speed Dubbing's "2012" / Crashing Cairo's "2020"

Two local rock crews weigh in on the future and the past on cuts from their respective EPs; New vinyl for Hi-Speed Dubbing out July 19.

Hi-Speed Dubbing 

Panic! Who wouldn't start running at the raucous ratatat of those tremulous drums. Buildings could crumble, the earth might open up, computers exploding and daylight refracting - it's 2012, man, what if the Mayans were right??

Even if you aren't anxious yet, just let your shoulders get locked into those nervy guitar hooks stirring up pure feedback-fuzzed nitroglycerin. Hi-Speed Dubbing have a new 7" vinyl single coming out all about what could be the end of the world and trust me, those gritty, acid-gutter guitar groans, revving bass and crashing drums certainly sound like it's on its way.

"2012 (Stone Calendar) would probably be called punk-esque if it didn't have such a fine groove to it all. And maybe it's bluesy, too, I'll give you that, but its catharsis ain't so much in a bent/twanged strum or a throaty, tear-jerking croon, but more so in the guttural space-grime of those feedback storms. 

This Ferndale/Detroit-based quartet display their all-over-the-map-musical-sense on the flipside, "Fresh Wounds," by putting a fierce rip of psychedelia upon a reggae-groove. Listen closely to that chugging sax underneath the keyed-up clatter of drum sticks and there, on the crooning chorus, is where they almost get close, again, to their lo-fi skew of a blues-ballad but it's not long before they leave our atmosphere and those guitars trail off into darkly-funky galaxies. 

Hi-Speed Dubbing "2012" Release Show - with fellow Ferndale acts like RoboPunk Carjack and Surrealist-Surf-rock trio DevilFish - July 19 @ PJ's Lager House in Detroit.

Have a listen:
Stream: Hi-Speed Dubbing - "How To Survive (In a Post-Apocalyptic Future") MP3


Crashing Cairo 

Music journos sometimes call this stuff "power-pop." It's got a hook to it, a steady beat, a grooving bass and keen sense for melody. But inherent to it is the rush - the tension-building swell right when the car leaves the ramp and jumps the gorge; when guitars churn like wicked rapids carrying you off toward a waterfall, that dizzying buzz, swirling subtly at first and then building into exploding jet engines, vibrant guitar-roars thrum into your ears and dreamily harmonized vocals (hooo ho hooo hoooooo's) just splash over you as crescendo upon cresting crescendo send you over the edge.

Royal Oak-based quintet Crashing Cairo have got that down pretty well on their new EP In The Forest, released about three weeks ago during a performance at the . And anything written above was inspired by a few playbacks of its opening track "2020."  

On In The Forest, they blend warming organs under gritty guitars barrel-rolling through the magenta-scorched soundscape of space-rock. It's just the kind of big, booming rock-stuff that suggests: "Heads-up..." With a bass-n-drum pairing that sound out to dislodge steel girders, it's all sweetened by often poignant, breathy mid-range vocals (soaring into sporadic falsettos on what might be the best song here, their title track). 

More info on Crashing Cairo and In The Forest HERE



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