Milo's Trip: Ferndale Bands Join a Cult Down in Detroit

...a Rose Cult, that is; Northend Studios hosts Ferndale's Crappy Future, Michael Mars & the God Particle, performing with The Rose Cult. Plus celebrate the launch of a new Ferndale-based record label at the Berkley Front.

Sublimely swirled tones and the dark, dreamy haze of reverb, that tickling disorientation of Doors-ian organs and the steady clap-jangle of a tambourine...psychedelic folk crackles upon the bonfire of broodish/meditative blues-rock, done up right by Detroit-based quartet The Rose Cult..

Have a listen: The Rose Cult - "Daisy Chain" (stream/MP3) 

This track's featured on their forthcoming album (expect a release show around November). If you stream it now, though, then I think you'll find it affects an evocative late-summer sensation: the tawny-tinged ethereal glow of a fading sunset as cosmic crickets start kicking up at the gravel-road's ditches, marched along with woozy allure as the stars start glowing above in the terror-twilight-skies and coax you up into the stratosphere for a spaced-out episode of fuzz-rock escapism. 

Or, at least...that's where this song takes me...

You may not see this band around our usual rock-haunts like the Loving Touch , route: {:controller=>"listings", :action=>"show", :id=>"loving-touch-2"} -->or the


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