Ferndale Public Library Wins $2,000 Grant for Art Book Collection

Grant funds will also be used to expand the library's collection of books that feature local artists, both contemporary and historic.

The has won the Metro Detroit Book and Author Society’s $2,000 James C. Dance Grant for the purchase of books and related items about art and the business of art.

Some books will focus on the unique marketing and business aspects of being an artist or craftsman.

"Artists often struggle with the marketing and the business end of their work, which is rarely taught in schools,” said Lindsey Harnish, Circulation Specialist at Ferndale Public Library. “Many must learn by educating themselves with what resources they can find. The Ferndale Public Library wants to expand on these artists’ resources by including books about art marketing, industry trends and creative problem-solving."

Grant funds will also be used to expand the library's collection of books which feature local artists, both contemporary and historic.

"These books will attract new patrons seeking fresh inspiration and information that would otherwise be difficult to obtain," Harnish said. "Few residents can afford these expensive materials that help inspire and inform the artistic process."

Patrick Dengate, Library trustee and Chair of the Library’s Art and Exhibitions Committee, was happy to learn of the award. "Together with some very fine recent donations, this grant gets one of our goals—expanding the art book collection —off to a great start," he said. "We'd like the Ferndale Public Library to become the 'go-to' place for books on art and artists."

Library Director Kate Pohjola said the grant is the result of a team effort.

“This grant was a collaborative effort amongst library staff. From the initial announcement, to the writing and editing, to the final proposal submission - many FPL staff members were involved and I am so very proud of everyone’s hard work and dedication," she said.

The James C. Dance Award for the Arts is presented at the annual spring luncheon to a public or academic library. The award is for establishing or improving an arts book collection, or for establishing and/or expanding a program which advances or celebrates any of the arts.

The award was established to honor the late James C. Dance, who was one of the founders of the Metro-Detroit Book & Author Society, and who served as its Master of Ceremonies for 19 luncheons. Mr. Dance was the public relations coordinator of the Detroit Public Library.

The Ferndale Public Library won the James C. Dance Grant in 2010 for books and materials relating to the library’s growing music collection.

Source: Ferndale Public Library.

Linda Baker May 31, 2012 at 04:19 PM
hope we get some books featuring some of our local artists, I understand that Mr Patrick Dengate just had some of his artwork in a book and hopefully we can find something about local artist (and portrait painter of former Gov Granholm) Mr Charles Pompillius - both have donated artwork to Ferncare Free Clinic fundraisers in the past - many thanks to both of them and to all other artists who have helped us to open and run the clinic!


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