Ferndale Library Staff Recommends: Kathleen's Picks

A series featuring personal picks, insightful titles and reading recommendations from various staff members at the Ferndale Public Library. In this article, read about Library Page Kathleen Hellenberg's top five recommendations.

Kathleen Hellenberg is part of a dynasty here at the . Her daughter, Darlene, has been with the library for nearly 15 years and her husband, Gregory, worked as a page until Kathleen took over the job.

As a library page, Kathleen is vital to keeping the library in order and making sure the staff and the public can find what they need. She's also in the unique position to see the comings and goings of library materials, a perk of being in constant contact with our books, movies, music and magazines.

Kathleen is also a Peace Minister of the Beloved Community; plays tenor recorder, hand drums and other percussion instruments; designs and creates bracelets and necklaces; and knits and crochets. She enjoys learning about cultures all over the world and her favorite books are almost always found in the non-fiction section. Check out these picks from Kathleen!        

Kathleen's Picks

"1. When God Spoke To Me

David Paul Doyle

204.409 D

David Paul Doyle sent out an invitation to people to write true stories that would inspire, educate and entertain readers and make them feel more hopeful, connected, thankful, passionate and better about life. I know this because I wrote the story on page 70 in this book.  It is called, “The Listener”.


2. Lightningbolt

Hyemeyohsts Storm 


This is the true story of Mr. Storm’s enlightenment as he is guided by his teacher, Estcheemah, on his search from within for his identity and freedom.  At the same time, she also guides a young woman, which insures more power and balance in the learning. As they struggle with themselves, they learn the ancient ways of the Zero Chiefs, who are responsible for the discovery of the first form of democracy, the Circle of Law.  The wisdom of the Zero Chiefs has been passed down a long, unbroken line from before the Mayans, through the discipline of the Flower Soldiers.


3. Red Cliff, Parts l & ll


How can a movie described as an “action-packed epic” and “a grand scale war movie with spectacular battle scenes” also be described as “a legendary film maker’s visual symphony”?  When the movie is as well-crafted as this one! 

Set in China in the year 208, outwardly this movie is about the war waged by the Prime Minister of the Han Dynasty against the two warlords he has yet to defeat.  Inwardly, this movie is about the wisdom that is gained when one respects the feminine and masculine forces as equal.


4. Day-0, The Best Of Harry Belafonte                                          


I grew up listening to Harry Belafonte’s Calypso songs on a record player.  My children grew up listening to them on cassette tapes. Now you can hear some of them on this CD, along with many other of his most famous songs.                  


5. The Holy Road

Michael Blake                                             


If you saw Dances with Wolves and want to know what happens next, you might be interested in this book.  It is an epic story of courage and honor.  

Eleven years have passed in the lives of Lieutenant John Dunbar/Dances With Wolves and his wife, Stands With A Fist. While the white man’s “holy road”, the railroad, is being built, Stands With A Fist is abducted with the couple’s daughter by a band of white rangers.  Dances With Wolves realizes only he can move unnoticed among the white men to rescue his family."  

Ferndale Patch thanks Kathleen Hellenberg and the Ferndale Public Library for these recommendations! Check back soon for more ideas from library staff. Are you looking for recommendations on something specific? Email jessica.schrader@patch.com, and we'll pass on your questions to the library.


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