Ferndale Library Staff Recommends: Gage's Picks!

Yes, that's right - it's another set of personal picks for your consideration of recreational/enlightening engagement (viewing/reading/gaming) compliments of the staff at the Ferndale Library. This week, Gage (the Page) Migan spans obscure jaz

Gage Migan is always eager to help - and not just in assuring order amid our Dewey-decimal-designated collection and re-stocking the newest items to the main browsing displays - but enthusiastically ready to recommend on-the-fly to any patron who might know what their sorta in the mood for but just not sure quite what to pick.

Gage is a Ferndale High School grad who's been with us, here at FPL, for a little over a year now.

He's especially versed in the culture of gaming - the latest titles, tricks, tips - and especially his own signature perspectives - are offered up with his characteristic easygoing inclination. 

Here's a trio of Gage's current favorites:

Gage's Picks

By Gage Migan

That’s My Boy (DVD comes out 10/19)
Starring Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg,

This movie takes place in modern day, where the premise: -what would happen if a middle school student were to have a baby with his own teacher?! Just like the Hangover, or Project X, this movie falls under the "train wreck" category of comedies, where it goes from one “oh-no” moment to another. In general, the movie was funny at some points (especially with Vanilla Ice making a guest appearance in the movie as Adam Sandler’s character’s best friend, and with one shocking ending that you won’t see coming). From bringing back the “Wasssup” gimmick to naming your kid “Han Solo” this movie made me giggle, but it's not the funniest movie of the year or anything. It wasn’t bad, just not something I would watch over again.


The Squirrel Mother stories (graphic novel)
By Megan Kelso

With only 147 pages, each individual story would need more than just one read though before you would be able to get the whole concept of any one part. With not too much dialogue and the majority of the stories being told though the metaphorical art within the book, this is a great graphic novel, despite its melancholic disposition. The first story begins with a tale about a mother of three, who has longed for a life outside her own and soon runs from the life she knew to find a new one entirely. An overall great work-out for your brain and a dazzling display of artfulness. The Squirrel Mother's stories is a great read!


Model Soul
By Nujabes

Unfortunately, the Ferndale Public Library does not own this album, but I had to mention it since it was the only hip-hop that I ever truly fell in love with. With its jazzy smooth overtones and a beat that would knock your head back-and-forth, all the songs still maintain a clean metaphorical message. So if you ever wondered what rap would sound like if it was written by a scholar, this is your type of music. Since Nujabes isn’t played on the radio, you will have to find them on them on the internet, just like I once did.


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