Ferndale Library Staff Recommends: Eve's Picks

Circulation Specialist Eve Foley's Top 5 SCARY MOVIES! ~~ Happy Halloween!

'Tis the season! In our latest edition of Staff Recommendations, Eve offers up some viewing selections... (try not to spill your popcorn when you jump-off the sofa...)

Eve's Picks: Top 5 Scary Movies

By Eve Foley

At this spooky time of year, I would be remiss if I did not give my top 5 scary movies:

5) Dead Snow (2009 -Swedish -subtitled)-"Død snø"

Nazis and zombies--need I say more?  The finest/practical/most-disgusting use of entrails I have seen in a movie.

4) Nightmare on Elm Street-(1984)

Just Hearing Freddie's nursery-rhyme-ish theme-song sung in cadence by the little girls' jumping-rope sends shivers down my spine: One, two, Freddy's comin' for you, three, four, better lock your door...

3) 28 Days Later-(2002)

Zombies should NOT be able to run. Ever. It's just not right.

2) Psycho (1960)-

I saw this for the first time about ten years ago.  I thought it would be dated and hokey. Wrong! 
Norman Bates is creepy as all get out and Alfred Hitchcock is brilliant with suspense.  I still peek behind the occasional shower curtain, just to be sure.

1) The Exorcist- (1973)-

This movie STILL freaks me out.  I tried to watch it again not too long ago with no one else in the house and ended up turning on all the lights and ejecting the DVD after the opening credits.  The scariest, most-shivery-est scene?  -When the young priest enters the room to check in on the old priest and the "little girl" is just giggling to herself.


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