Ferndale Library Staff Recommends: Cecelia's Picks

A series featuring personal picks, insightful titles and reading recommendations from various staff members at the Ferndale Public Library. This week, read about Library Page Cecelia's current digs in music/movies/literature.

Cecelia Foley started here as a Library Page just over a month ago and has fit right in with our cast of characteristically well-cultured staff, displaying (below) quite commendably matured and eclectic sensibilities for a sophomore in high school; she wound up picking two of my favorite albums of the last year, hear-hear!

Cecelia's Picks

Passion Pit: Gossamer

"Passion Pit's always cheerful songs never fail to put me in a good mood. The whimsical electronic music on this CD is great for summer roadtripping or just any summer time, care-free occasion. The group is playing at the Royal Oak Music Theater in November and I cant wait to see them live!"

The Perks of Being a WallFlower

"An incredibly captivating story that centers around Charlie, a highschool freshman with very delicate emotions and not many friends. Seniors Sam and Patrick take Charlie under their wing and show him all of the finer things in life that he had been missing out on. Every adventure and tragedy that Charlie took me through brought me more realization for the beauty of the pure and simple."

 tUnE yArDs: who kill

"Almost every song on this CD makes me want to get up and dance! The vocals are very strong, unique, and authentic; the lead singer does not put any effects on her voice. The music is also very unique, with the many instruments creating rich and upbeat tunes." 

Pretty Little Liars

"This series is so addictive. I probably read all 8 books within 4 months. The premise is pretty eerie; 4 highschool girls are trying to get to the bottom of their friend Aly's disappearance and death, all while getting constantly tormented and threatened by the anonymous, all knowing 'A' who really doesn't want the girls to know the truth."

 The Breakfast Club

"Being an older movie, I assumed it would be pretty boring, but this movie really is something that everyone should watch. Each character has their own crazy personalities that make the movie funny and heartwarming. It really brings home the idea that every person has problems in their life that you may not see."

Ferndale Patch thanks Library Page Cecelia Foley for contributing to Patch! Check back soon for more ideas from library staff. Are you looking for recommendations on something specific? Email jessica.schrader@patch.com, and we'll pass on your questions to the library.


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