Check It Out: Spooktacular Saturday at Ferndale Library

Halloween Spooktacular! - NaNoWriMo - Bake Sale! - and MORE!

Trick-or-treating is a long-cherished/observed rite of passage for youngsters to live out their wildest imaginations for one adventurously spine-tingling night of the year - and your local Library can be a refreshing auxillary holiday stop - not just for further candy collecting, but for engaging/enriching and just-plain-fun programming. 

Our annual Halloween Spooktacular for 2012 on Saturday has a theme: Aliens Vs. Robots. Costumed kids can stop by the library and trick-or-treat through a spiritedly-adorned haunted house that looks conspicuously well-stocked with books.  

So, beware! There will be robots and aliens at every turn. Who will win in the Aliens vs. Robots face off? Come dressed as your favorite robot, extraterrestrial or any other Halloween favorite to join in the fun. 

We'll start with a fun concert by local musician Carjack at 7 p.m. and then continue with trick or treating through the library till 8:30 p.m.

Open to kids of all ages. No registration required. 

Carjack is a local one-man electro-rock band assured to bring a fun and engaging sci-fi spoofing live show, complete with robots, Star Wars samples and various other computer-ized chaos - Be ready to dance around an army of marching toy robots! 



Also - November is an ideal month for mind expansion - November 15th is National Philosophy Day (...if we're speaking Dewey-designations, materials would be found with call-numbers in the 190's) - It's also National Native American Heritage Month (...under the 970's, if you're interested). 

November is also National Novel Writing Month, popularly known as "NaNoWriMo" (and, yes, if you said that out-loud, you probably either sound like Robin Williams' "Mork" or a Star Trek character). This internet-based project challenges aspiring novelists to type-out 50,000 words (upwards to 250 pages, if you're wondering) within the 30-day time frame. 

Public Libraries around the country often host "Write-Ins" for interested patrons. The Ferndale Public Library is not taking-part this year, but we would encourage you to reap all the necessary inspiration via our constantly increasing collection of fine literary fiction, from Cheever and Shakespeare to Patterson and P.D. James. 


Bake sale, closures and more

One last thing - We've decided to continue hosting our annual Bake Sale: homemade goodies to help out the library; cookies, pastries, breads and jams, all kinds of treats (and likely some vegan, gluten-free fare), with proceeds going towards excellent/popular yearly library programming like the Summertime Concert Series' and more. Swing by the Saturday before Thanksgiving (and the subsequent week during the holiday) to shop for some sweets at the Circulation Desk.

FYI The Library will be closed on Thanksgiving Day (November 22nd) and will re-open again on Monday, November 26th. 

Come check out our extensive (and that's putting it lightly)-collection of Cookbooks (recently dedicated to our recently retired Circulation Director Pat Lind). 

FINALLY: On the subject of New Collections - We are still excited over a generous donation from the children of Karen Fung Ping Mui. The family requested that the donation be used to purchase English as a Second Language (ESL) materials to honor her memory. Stop at the Reference Desk to inquire further about reviewing our recently-bolstered collection of educational material. 




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